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About Us

About the Founder

We R Me Foundation Inc. is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization focused on providing ex-offenders with “all” the tools and services they need to become productive citizens in society. We R Me was founded by Mr. Alkarriem in 2019, with the vision not only to provide ex-offenders with the resources and information to send them into society to figure the rest out on their own but to create a facility(s) to house ex-offenders upon release from the Virginia Department of Correction. The facility(s) will be a home-like environment to include in-house counselors that will conduct group and individual counseling services such as substance abuse, mental health, educational/ college placement, functional and daily living skills, col training, parenting education, employment, credit repair/ restoration, attain driving license, time management, budgeting, and money management and support network.

Make A Difference Today

For many years, as well as today, offenders are given inaccurate information and resources to pursue upon release, such as social security benefits, grants, etc. Even if offenders are provided with accurate information, they fall short of becoming productive citizens because of the many obstacles felons face. It’s time for us as a community to take it a step further and guide them through the transition. We R Me foundation will not only provide the resources, but we will walk with them every step of the way. “We R The Community”

Our Vision

We R me foundation staff will provide residents with Emotional, Behavioral, and Educational support. The facility(s) will provide a secure setting for residents to question, explore and change inappropriate behavior with the goal of reducing the likelihood of that behavior reoccurring.

Emphasis will be placed on residents’ thinking patterns and mental health and the development of respect for others and learning to think and act appropriately to become productive members of society. We R Me residents will be Assisted in achieving personal goals and gaining financial stability. And will be satisfied with their services, support, and their lives. It’s time we go a step further and walk them through this process. “We R The Community!”